About Me

I began my bodywork journey in 1991 as I delved into the study of Reiki.  I was an account executive at an advertising agency, and within the first year of my corporate job (fresh out of college), I'd developed an ulcer.  What healed me was massage therapy,  the discovery that I had some food allergies, and the beginnings of understanding what stress can do to the body.  I began massage therapy school in early 1992, still working in advertising but also seeing Reiki clients.  I dived fully into massage therapy practice upon completion of school in early 1993, and have never looked back.  I've been in private practice since 2000. 

My approach to your body begins with the knowledge that you are already in pain, and to inflict more is barbaric and pointless.  It simply is NOT true that more pressure equals more results.  Your body is asking for understanding, not mindless pressure.  Therapeutic bodywork is an art form best performed with the equivalent of a pinpoint brush, not a broad one.  That's not to say that you won't feel what I'm doing, or that I apply no pressure--far from it.  But a heavy, mindless hand is not the best way to help you heal and grow.